IFA MAGAZINE • N. 2 juin 2016 • Innovation pour architectureEterno Ivica

IFA MAGAZINE • N. 2 juin 2016 • Innovation pour architecture

IFA MAGAZINE • N. 2 juin 2016 • Innovation pour architecture

27 juin 2016

IFA MAGAZINE: Acoustics: the impact sound deadening and innovations on energy efficiency; New Entry: Rumor Block and Vent; Abroad: Mawipex it is said; Eterno Ivica at Fuorisalone 2016.

Dear Readers,

If I could sum up the pages of this new issue in one word I would say: result, intended for purely economic point of view, either as a result of a series of actions/insights, the sum of which produces an effect which, as outlined in the following pages, it highlights a trend rather than positive result of new discoveries, acquisitions, testimonies and new areas off the beaten path; I am convinced that stand out in the current construction market is vital for any professional, but this distinction must not match desperately seeking diversity at all costs, rather must cover a continuous education and further education in both personal and corporate level, in order to return to the market, effective and professional consulting services and reliable, useful products and tested , is necessary because it is our moral duty and professional.

Alberto Cocco


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