Tedx Cortina | 23 Agosto 2019Eterno Ivica

Tedx Cortina | 23 August 2019

Tedx Cortina | 23 August 2019

2 juillet 2019

Eterno Ivica Golden Partner of Tedx Cortina!





Tedx Cortina brings together important keywords such as Technology, Entertainment, Design and Environment for a day full of debates, training and sharing of ideas.

On 23 August 2019 in fact Eterno Ivica will be Golden Partner of this very important event dedicated to the discovery the Origin, of how the human being is both active and passive protagonist of the world, and what is the real answer to the question "WHO AM I?" These issues will be discussed without ever forgetting the close relationship between man and the environment and for this reason topics related to Green Innovation & Sustainability will be touched.


Eterno Ivica x Tedx Cortina


And which better place if not the "Queen of the Dolomites", further protagonist after the recent designation as location of the Winter Olympics 2026. Participants will be involved in a sustainability experience, thanks to a sensorial and educational journey, using recyclable materials and with the promotion of campaigns for the protection of the mountain territory.

Eterno Ivica is proud to be part of it since it has always been green-oriented with its 100% recyclable plastic products.

Important speakers will alternate in this 24 hours of reflection and brainstrorming, with the aim of spreading ideas and values.

Find out more about the event on the official webpage!

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Tedx Cortina | 23 August 2019
Tedx Cortina | 23 August 2019

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