The durability of Eterno Ivica productsEterno Ivica

The durability of Eterno Ivica products

The durability of Eterno Ivica products

24 octobre 2023

Fremantle (Australia) hospital renovation project seen two years later

Are you looking for a long-lasting and durable solution to renovate the structure?

After two years, we returned to analyze in detail and evaluate the strength and durability of a hospital renovation project: the B5 courtyard of Fremantle Hospital, located in Western Australia.

Thanks to the work of Longreach Building, the contractor chosen for this project, it was possible to fully improve the services related to air conditioning and waterproofing of the courtyard, including replacing the flooring.

In this regard, a real renovation path was designed, based on different steps, in order to improve the quality and strength of the structure:

  • Replacement of air conditioning facilities: The project began with the replacement of obsolete air conditioning units to ensure that the hospital's climate control remained efficient and reliable.
  • Improved waterproofing performance: A new waterproof membrane was applied to prevent water damage and provide lasting protection to the underlying structure.
  • Installation of exterior elevated floor: GRF System Supports by Eterno Ivica and ceramic slabs were chosen for the pavement renovation. This choice not only improved the aesthetics of the courtyard, but also ensured a strong and functional surface.
  • Composite decking: In specific areas of the courtyard, composite decking was installed on a substructure. This created a visually appealing contrast while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Installation of plastic cells: Plastic cells were used for the steel foundation placed in the center of the courtyard, which improved the overall stability of the courtyard.

Two years have passed since the project has been completed, and the results illustrate the excellent resilience of the floor. The GRF System by Eterno Ivica has proven its durability and reliability. Joseph Abraham, the skilled installer, proudly noted that the courtyard, which covers an impressive 400 m2, still looks the same as when it was installed, despite two years of constant use and with a continuous flow of visitors, no problems or movement have been reported.

The system is checked regularly by the contractor, ensuring that it continues to function perfectly. The end client and Fremantle Hospital staff are thrilled with the results of the upgrade: the courtyard is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides a safe and functional outdoor space for all.

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The durability of Eterno Ivica products
The durability of Eterno Ivica products
The durability of Eterno Ivica products
The durability of Eterno Ivica products
The durability of Eterno Ivica products
The durability of Eterno Ivica products

Date: October 2020
Client: B5 Fremantle Hospital
Project Type: Building / Air Conditioning Upgrade
Contractor: Longreach Building
Surface: 400 m2
Pedestal Used: SE4, grids
Supplier: Osborne Ceramics
Tilers: Ablaze Tiling

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