The new ARKT- space to architecture site will soon be onlineEterno Ivica

The new ARKT- Space to Architecture site will soon be online

The new ARKT- Space to Architecture site will soon be online

6 juillet 2018
The IFA magazine is getting a makeover and the ARKT- space to Architecture site will be launched online

We are almost there! At Eterno Ivica, we are ready and the new ARKT, the new version of IFA magazine, will soon be released!

This year, we kept you waiting a bit longer than usual for the quarterly release of IFA, but for a very good reason.IFA is changing more than just its appearance.

It is changing its name, logo, and spirit;it will be modernized, making way for ARKT- Space to Architecture, a space dedicated entirely to architecture and design, where companies that create solutions for architecture and construction along with the various professionalsin the world of design, will come together in a space that is perfect for sharing ideas, designs and establishing important collaborations.

In fact, this is the exact spirit that Eterno Ivica, which is promoting this idea, would like to offer to everyone who would like to strengthen synergies and create networking links, a space where ours and yours, thoughts and designs come to life and take concrete shape.

All that is left is to ask you to contact us and share your ideas, innovations and designs with us. We hope you enjoy reading the publication!


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