Eterno Ivica | Cersaie 2016 Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica | Cersaie 2016

Eterno Ivica | Cersaie 2016

October 06, 2016

Success is not only what you achieve, but also what you inspire in others’ life.

Success is not only what you achieve, but also what you inspire in others’ life


The idea was to recreate a space familiar to all, a House, the House of Eterno Ivica, split into different environments within which every moment is an opportunity to grow and experience it differently.
The increase of the space and the creation of the environment has been designed with the intention from an evolving company to provide adequate hospitality to all customers, new or old ones, with increasing demands.
Eterno Ivica grows: develops new products, new technical solutions to meet the ever changing demands of the market are found; so a mix of growing expectations and, at the same time, the need for adequate space in a dimension of high international importance such as the one that Eterno Ivica is acquiring.
More space and more comfortable, useful to study, organize, design, program and compare, because customer needs are for us the stimulus that drives us to improve. Constantly changing and innovative solutions ensure the best possible solution for the customer.
It is this partnership that has allowed us to grow and to achieve important goals, so we want to share with you a very important event for the company, like the Cersaie.

The Stand has an important coverage alternated by open spaces and empty style sunblinds, the entrance is a red frame; to start we find outside area which consists of a platform in front of a video wall, the more social and exposed part, which will host a "School of laying": four appointments per day (divided between morning and afternoon) to tell and live through direct experience the endless possibilities of laying products of Eterno Ivica.
This is followed by a reception and registration corner with adjacent a first collection space, followed by a path marked by various totems, exhibitors of the main and the latest products developed by the company; we reach then a living/relax area, location of the school's acrobatic performances of "Bartending" free style barman in Bologna, and finally a more intimate room dedicated to meetings.

As a house designed specifically for the customer, Eterno Ivica has sought to create a space that meets the different needs of its guests: ample space, clarity of the material, space and qualified personnel for technical knowledge, but also moments of relax together.





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