Quality and certificatesEterno Ivica

Certifications and environmental sustainability

Company certified and structured with harmonised standards relating to European directives

Quality and certificates

Certified ISO 14001


• Structured approach to setting environmental objectives and identifying the tools necessary to achieve

• Compliance with all regulatory requirements relevant to the environment

• Reduction of costs related to energy consumption, waste management and raw materials




Displays the certificate ISO 14001


Certified ISO 9001


• Customer focus

• Leadership

• Involvement of people

• Approach to the process

• System approach

• Continuous improvement




Displays the certificate ISO 9001


Quality and certificates
Quality and certificates

Certified SA 8000


• Ethical Policies oriented to social rights throughout the supply chain

• Maximum attention to the safety of workers




Show the SA8000

Show the social report

Displays the code of ethical conduct


Environmental Sustainability


Leed credits (Leed mapping for reference Pedestal - Woodeck lines)

• Control of the quantity and quality of stormwater

• Efficient management of water for irrigation

• Optimizing Energy Performance

• Recycled content

• Regional materials

• Sound insulation (for Leed for schools)

Quality and certificates

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