The upgrade continues with the new Phonolook catalogue!Eterno Ivica

 The upgrade continues with the new Phonolook catalogue!

The upgrade continues with the new Phonolook catalogue!

April 10, 2019

The time has also come for the Phonolook line, now you can enjoy the new catalogue and discover all the latest news!

The evolution of Eterno Ivica is becoming more and more concrete thanks to the updating of new logos and new catalogues.

After the Pedestal, Woodeck and Acustica lines it is time to also modernize the graphics and texts of the catalogue dedicated to the Phonolook line. This is because we are always ready to offer you the services and information in the best possible way.

The new catalogue, therefore, improved with new texts, new images and new graphics, for a perfect combination of aesthetics and technical elements, contains all the information and features of our line dedicated to sound absorption.

The new Phonolook catalogue is now available online, you can download directly from the "download" section on our website!


> Download catalogue


Furthermore, with the release of the new Phonolook catalogue, a world of huge and very important news opens up!

Innovative and latest-generation techniques have been used to improve the performance of the various sound-absorbing panels.

Some of those innovations have already been presented, like the innovative Phonolook 3D, while others are still waiting for you!

An absolute novelty, indeed, in this regard is THE BREATH technology. It is an innovation, presented for the first time by Eterno Ivica during MADE 2019, which combines sound quality with healthy air.


Eterno Ivica wants to guarantee the occupants of the environment reduced pollutant concentrations in the air to protect their health and well-being.

It is thus possible to integrate the 3-line panels (Phonolook 3D, Design and Solution) with TheBreath® technology, an innovative patented fabric that, applied to the back of the panels based on their different sizes and type of intervention, through depolluting characteristics and deodorants, ensures the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air pollutants well below the natural levels of concentration.

Thus Phonolook panels, still maintaining their function as sound absorbers, can become active filters with TheBreath® that passively protect the health and well-being of the occupants of the environment.

A simple and revolutionary solution, to protect the health of ourselves and others, of young people and adults, with a keen eye to environmental sustainability!

We remind you to come and see us in occasion of Fuori Salone in Milan where we will be present with our panel TheBreath in Via Savona, 52!

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