Acoustic conference CasaClima in VeniceEterno Ivica

Acoustic conference CasaClima in Venice

Acoustic conference CasaClima in Venice

17 de Abril de 2019

Another important conference in Venice with CasaClima


The second CasaClima conference will be held on 17 May 2019, which Eterno Ivica is sponsor of.

"Living comfort & CasaClima, indoor air quality, natural lighting, acoustics" will be held at the Cittadella dell'Edilizia, via Banchina dell'Azoto, 15 in Marghera (VE) from 2.00 pm with the usual registration of the participants.

It will then officially start at 2.30pm with a succession of different speakers who will touch on various aspects related to acoustics, living comfort, air quality and all solutions for improvement.

As always, participation will involve the issue of Credits: 1 CFP at CasaClima, 4 CFP to PPC Architects and 2CFP to Surveyors.

Below detailed poster and complete program.


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