IFA MAGAZINE 02 • Innovation for architectureEterno Ivica

IFA MAGAZINE 02 • Innovation for architecture

IFA MAGAZINE 02 • Innovation for architecture

05 de Dezembro de 2014

IFA Magazine: insights, new ideas and tips that may be of help to the posers, the builders, the building warehouses to retailers, but also professionals.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the construction of our imaginary bridge between design, production and installation, continues with this second issue of our IFA tabloid. We are bringing in more and more companies and more and more designers appreciate our commitment to research and continuing education.
We know that the construction sector is going through a moment of partial paralysis, due to a metamorphosis which leads the restructuring to be protagonists in this day.
For this it is necessary from our side, as far as possible be aware of new technologies that we have today, this is the only way we can be competitive, only in this way can we deploy a professional service that makes us proud to belong to the fascinating world of buildings.
IFA has undertaken in this regard, thanks both to companies that participate in interviews and thanks especially to you who read it.

Alberto Cocco

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