TRAINING SEMINAR IN TREVISO • Towards the Smart City • March 10, 2015Eterno Ivica

TRAINING SEMINAR IN TREVISO • Towards the Smart City • March 10, 2015

TRAINING SEMINAR IN TREVISO • Towards the Smart City • March 10, 2015

26 de Fevereiro de 2015

Contextualisation of the boundary conditions, modes of intervention already in place, concrete applications.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 from 9.30 a.m. to 12.45 and from 14.45 at 18.15,
at the seminar room VILLA MARCELLO GIUSTINIAN, via Marignana 45/A 31021 Mogliano to TV.


Introduction to event:

the level of enjoyment and resource consumption of the planet from the human race led to climate and environmental situation today under the eyes of everyone. To try to correct such imbalances, was born in the second half of the last century, a movement of opinion and debate, involving various fields of knowledge, will end the much-coveted "Kyoto Protocol".

Objective of the seminar is to illustrate, starting from the content and expected that that, rather than international agreement could be termed a historic watershed for human/environment relations, the long path, redefining goals and functions of our cities, is bringing to birth, while still at the embryonic level, those that are in common, often erroneously referred to as "smart city".

It will introduce the theoretical concepts needed to define and describe the "post-Kyoto", i.e. the principles of sustainability.

Defined the scope of what may be a city that meets the "constraints" established at a high level, through detailed analysis of the two instruments planners (the PAES, action plan for Sustainable Energy and the PUMS, Urban sustainable mobility Plan) you will try to understand how, in concrete terms, the content of European and national directives for the achievement of the objectives of Kyoto enters in the management process and governance of urban spaces and their use.

Later, after a discussion of the theoretical system for the collection and management of data needed to understand the areas of intervention, we will analyze some possible applications of the new information technologies and knowledge as addressed above, in order to derive a definition, built for overlapping goals and increasing scales of detail, of whatfor an architect of today, will be the cities of tomorrow. The definition of "Smart City".



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Greetings and welcome institutional;
Presentation Foundation introduction to event Architects
Arch. Gianfranco Pizzolato - Pres. Founding Architects of Treviso
Alberto Cocco - Sales Manager Eterno Ivica


  • City & society at the time of Kyoto. Reflection on global changes underway, the Protocol mechanisms, excursus on the situation in Europe and Italy;
  • Clean development mechanism, joint implementation, emission trading scheme, green certificates, white certificates. Brief overview of types of translation into concrete action is possible;
  • Sustainability: origin and meaning of the term, its applications in different fields, abuse of the term. The ecological footprint, the Global Footprint Network, sustainable man, society and sustainable city, strength and resilience.

11.00-11.15 • Coffee breaks


  • Sustainability in practice: the SEAP. The Covenant of Mayors, the European strategy and its widespread diffusion in small realities (provinces and municipalities). What is a PAES, data collection, processing, structure and objectives. The key role of participation. The implementation of the plan and monitoring. (with the use of practical examples of excellence, both Italian and European)

    Speakers: Arch. Davide Leidi - dott.ssa Barbara Monzani

12.30-12.45 • Speaker Sponsor of reference;

12.45-13.00 • Speaker Sponsor of reference;

13.00-14.00 Lunch Buffet

14.00-14.15 • Speaker Sponsor of reference;
14.15-14.30 • Speaker Sponsor of reference;


  • Sustainability in practice: the PUMS. The example of Regione Lombardia (Regional mobility Plan and transport) and the city of Milan: the objectives of the proposal of PUMS, the macro-areas of focus complexity of transportation and environmental assessments;
  • Digital numeric town urbanism. Theoretical review on the constitutive elements of a "smart city": the collection of information, sensor type, the time dimension.

16.00-16.15 • Coffee break


  • Translation into practical experience. The academic approach, collaborative approach, the approach of a global player: rational choice of some French experiences, studies of the SENSEable City Laboratory at Mit and IBM's smarter planet;
  • A case on all Amsterdam Smart City. Presentation of the General outlines of the project, analysis of the objectives and of the players involved, focus on specific sub-projects and relationship with PAES.

• Debate-questions and answers-greetings and thanks

Note: in case the PUMS di Milano is not yet published by the date of the course will take for example another comparable plan for content and size of the area of interest.


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Participants receive a certificate of attendance. Professional credits (CFP 6) are attributed with 100% frequency of scheduled hours.

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