The corporate history of Eterno IvicaEterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica: Superior quality for building

We create products and solutions facilitate the effectiveness of the construction and improve the beauty, the duration and the value of the buildings

Since 1955 solid foundations


I.V.I.C.A. was born - Waterproofing Materials, Tar and Similar

I.v.i.c.a “Industria Veneta Idrofughi Catrami e Affini” of Favero Ruggero was established.


It all began with IVICA, which stands for "Veneto producer of Waterproofing Materials, Tar and Similar". Now company activities include other building sectors, and we still focus on being absolute specialists. Always at the cutting edge with each specific application.


"Eterno" Roof Drain

The patent was filed for the "Eterno" Roof Drain

the first roof drain for rainwater entirely made of rubber


Eterno S.a.s. logo

The company Eterno S.a.s. was founded

dedicated to producing "accessories for waterproof membranes"


Eterno Ivica S.p.a. logo

Eterno Ivica S.p.a. was established

by merging the former two companies


Three floors for raised support

Maxi Sostegno

a height-adjustable support system for external raised paving was produced and presented for the first time in Italy


"Genius" Roof Drain

The patent was filed for the "Genius" Roof Drain

the first roof drain for rainwater with a “perforated flange"


Self-levelling Support

The patent was filed for the Self-levelling Support

the patent was filed for the first original height-adjustable support for external raised paving, with a self-levelling and tilting head


Plastic Plus logo

Plastic Plus group was established

Eterno Ivica, Italtronic and Plastic Planet merged in order to share experiences and know-how and create important organisational synergies


Picture of the new headquarters

New headquarters were built

in Via Austria, in the industrial area of Padua - Italy


Red key that regulates a Pedestal

The patent was filed for the bicomponent Head (PP+rubber)

the patent was filed for the first original support for external raised paving, with bicomponent PP+rubber head


Pedestal New Maxi

The range "New Maxi" was created

the historic line of height adjustable supports “Maxi Sostegno” is renewed with the new and modern line “New Maxi”


Drainage channel for white water

"Liquid" was created

the innovative “Liquid” roof drain line was created, specifically designed for application with liquid sheaths and mono/ bicomponent resins


Blue and black acoustic panel

The new "Acustica" line

this year, important investment has been made in the field of sound insulation for buildings, with the creation and production of a new line of “Acustica” products


TXT Acoustic Line

The patent was filed for the TXT

the first entirely recicled and recyclable soundproofing product


STAR.T logo

The patent was filed for the STAR.T

The only support in the world adjustable from 8 to 15 mm.


Rumor Block logo

Acquired DANI SYSTEM Company and the RUMOR BLOCK Brand



Phonolook logo


declined in two product ranges: Phonolook Design and Phonolook Solution.


Pedestal Windproof System

New Windproof System  

The patent was filed.


Metal safety plate

The patent was filed for the new safety plate. 

The safety plate consists of a 2 mm thick galvanized steel sheet, suitably shaped in order to support the flooring elements in the event of accidental breakage.


INSIDE line spot

Launch of INSIDE 

New product line for indoor raised system.


Two red and black Phonolook 3D panels

Launch of the new PHONOLOOK 3D panel

New Phonolook 3D line presented for the first time at Klimahouse 2019. The panels are characterized by a coating with embossed fabric able to give them shape and volume without depriving them of the main sound-absorbing function. 


Phonolook The Breath panel

Sound-absorbing panel with TheBreath®

Eterno Ivica presents its Phonolook panel integrated with the new TheBreath® technology able to purify the indoor air pollution.


Pannello Phonolook The Breath

Eterno Ivica turns 65!

The company celebrates 65 years of activity establishing as a leading company in the sector


Pannello Phonolook The Breath

Launch of the new Pedestal PRIME®

Eterno Ivica, always at the top for innovation, launches the brand new Pedestal PRIME® support on the market


20th anniversary of Eterno SE support

Eterno Ivica celebrates the 20th anniversary of the launch of Eterno SE, the support that revolutionized the market.


Presentation of SMA and SMAT support

Launch of SMA and SMAT tilting head metal supports.


Eterno Ivica France is born

The French branch of Eterno Ivica opens, based in Lyon, in 12 Jean Carmet street.


Creation of "Phonolook Acoustics"

From the union of Acustica, Phonolook e Vent "Phonolook Acoustics" is born. The mission is to meet the needs of customers in the field of acoustics.


Reversus was born from the genius of Eterno Ivica

The world's first support with a universal reversible head. A simpler and faster installation experience: with our new supports Reversus SR and SRT.


Launch of Grid Raised Floor GRF System

An innovative laying system that allows the laying of floors with ceramic, synthetic grass or mixed, for greater freedom of installation and for simple and fast laying.

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